Monday, July 24, 2006

sucky mucky wucky!

it could have been a great weekend if there weren’t so many things bugging me mind. i have stayed in kl this week. so i couldnt hide in my room and blast the music =(

i’ve watched like, four dvds on friday nite and saturday. i’ve read non-stop. i’ve reorganized my wardrobe. i’d done everything possible to stop myself from thinking alone. hmmm.. maybe i should have gone to my stylist and redo my haircolor. that could kill three hours! i also went shopping at 1U today. look what i bought in less than two freaking hours!

a bit toooo green huh? and i only went in to like, four different shops! i had to stop myself from walking into Zara after that. i’m afraid i might just buy everything in my size. so, its true isn’t it? i’ve completely lost my mind!

i’ve finally tried the food at the Dragon-i restaurant today. well, i have to say, the food here is slightly better than the Jade Crystal (sister restaurant) in Lot 10. you’ll know after you taste the difference in their siu long paus *winks*


i couldn’t help feeling weird. i couldn’t help feeling helpless. and i knoe i cant lie to myself all the time. but i really don’t know what i can do. i’ve never imagined myself to be in this kinda situation. things like this does not happen to me. but it did. and it sucks. big time!! it feels wrong you know. it aint right. but sometimes, i sort of feel like telling myself to just give it in.. to just fucked it u know? screw what people might think of me. there's no reason i'm gonna deny myself a few laughters. no one tells me what’s right or wrong. it’s my call. arghh.. someone, pleaaase get me outta this!

i wish be an ostrich. i wanna hide in the dirt can?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

a series of unfortunate pictures.

this is what happenned after we heard may's brand new yummy macbook calling our names..

so, have you had enough of ju-on and nam-nak? *grins*