Monday, February 27, 2006

shopaholic me.

i knoe its getting serious when my cousin sister calls me one. she has never said it before. never. not even when i'm out with her almost every weekend hanging out at the malls together. now dat i hear it from her. i'm scared. i'm really scared.

Friday, February 24, 2006

fort minor craze.

been listening to fort minor a lotz lately. at least 5 times a day minimum. can you believe dat? haha i'm going bonkers. i'm so in love with their sound. most of you linkin park soldiers might wanna check em out. trust me.

i never get bored listening to this album. i have my favorites. 'where'd you go' is very unique. the addition of the girl's voice is juz perfect. 'red to black', 'remember the name' and 'believe me' has got LP flavor. juz listen to them.

i have always think that linkin park is very different than the rest of the bands out there. when they performed at stadium merdeka 2 yrs ago, it was one of the best gig i've ever been to. those guys are professional musicians! (makes me think that the westlife concerts that i went to years ago a total joke!)their sound system was sooo good it almost felt like listening from their cd. well, apart from all the screaming and yelling, that is. not to mention being stepped on countless times. and that my view of the stage was blocked by a 6 feet guy standing right in front of me. bummer.

more photos of the artistic bunch.

fort minor rawks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

thank God weekend was here.

phew. last week was really tough. almost reminds me of final year proj. almost. i still say my fyp rush was horrible =P nothing beats it just yet..haha maybe i shouldn't talk so loud yet =P i take that back. when i was rushing for my fyp, i lived like a robot. sat in front of my laptop from 12 noon til 6am. with only breaks for meals and baths. then sleep and wake up again to do work. that was my routine for more than a week. i thought i looked like a beggar. don't think i can ever live like that again. its too scary.

so wat really happened last week dat was so tough? well, 2 major pitches in 1 week. even had to go back to office on a sunday. still feeling really bad and i owe many apologies to andrea. gosh, so sorry dude. you know i tried to get to the airport. i didn't expect so much workload coming at once. it was a bad time for me. i didn't even get to go back home on thursday. thank God caryn offered me to sleepover at her place. she's such a sweetie. provided me 5-star accommodation =)thankyOU hon! lucky you i didn't leave any blings blings behind =P

i was very relieved when saturday finally came and i get to shop for therapy =D been waiting for weekends to come like forever! felt like i've worked for 7 days straight. i decided i wanted either a new handbag or a slingbag. but in the end, i got myself a roxy wallet. somehow i manipulated myself into buying that within 2 secs. like how did that happened???

went back to bentong in the evening. gosh i miss my room, especially my cosy bed =) and since i only get to go back home once every fortnight, i have to clean my room before i unpack. cant stand the dust. well, who's to blame but me. lotsa soft toys hanging around and i never stop buying stuffz to fill my room. i also have tons of books even! running out of space to keep em already. sigh.

meet sOme of my soft buddies =)

sorrie, they're not for sale =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


thankyou for loving me for who i am.

happy valentine's to you all.

xoxo hugz.

Friday, February 10, 2006

of blowjobs and robots.

I owe tis to velverse the great. juz to prove da fact dat i wAs da 'A' intern, haha! so here goes..

the rules:
the unfortunate me have to write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words included once, and only once:


(This is written by a still confused and rebellious 15 yr old in her English PMR exam papers back in the early 90's)

Section C: Build sentences with the words provided in the box above.

1. I have been dreading this PMR exam ever since Form 1.
2. You and me will always be together in this forever and ever.
3. Last week, Mel has to help put up three dozens of balloons around the house for her sister's 18th birthday bash, and that was a helluva blowjob!
4. Grapes have always been my mother's favourite fruit ever since our neighbour starts operating a fruit stall.
5. Will it kill to arrange my socks in a random order and not according to colours like my super maniac sister?
6. Gemma absolutely feels the energy of girl power everytime she listens to the Spice Girls.
7. The word loneliness has not been in my vocabulary for years ever since meeting him.
8. We ought to drink 8 glasses of water everyday to stay absolutely healthy and free of any dangerous disease.
9. Jimmy was told that the earth will be dominated by not just a robot in the future during school lunch earlier.
10. Posh spice would look lovely in a blue wedding dress.

well, weren't you once a bit dumb, starstruck, lovestruck and confused about life too?


friends like to joke that i stay in a cave hole and that my best friends are bats and monkeys. little do they know that batu caves is also the common name of the area surrounding the famous cave. many many years ago before i was even born, it may be just the cave and jungles surrounding it. but there's a town now. yup, you heard me right.

during this time every year, folks staying in the area of batu caves will face massive traffic jams and closed roads due to thaipusam. this morn, while i was on the way to kl, passing by batu caves, i already saw many hindu devotees gathering and walking to batu caves already. some are barefoot. some men are shaved bald. but thaipusam is not until tomorrow. i have to admit that i do not know much about the festival really. but i have heard that during thaipusam, the hindus will bring one of the Gods to meet his lover. and i know that some of the devotees will have their body and tongues pierced with hooks and spears, carrying kavadis.

i am sure that i'd be fascinated by the colors and the devotion. i could take beautiful photographs. i have been to an indian temple near puduraya to take pictures for my photography class when i was still in university. i'd do it anytime again. i've met friendly indians. but i dont think it's such a good idea to go to batu caves now, especially with the recently placed giant statue right in front of the stairs. i am afraid of being crushed by the crowd. and the sight of some of the extreme piercings may leave disturbing thoughts to me as well. been watching too many movies with disturbing scenes and twists lately. cant take that much at a time. my heart need a rest.

so i googled and found out more about thaipusam. this festival combines the celebration of Lord Subramaniam (also known as Lord Muruga), the youngest son of Hindu god Shiva and the union of Pusan and Brihaspati stars. this festival of faith and endurance is celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, and South Africa. about a month before thaipusam, devotees start their fasting in order to cleanse themselves.

on the eve of the festival (which is today 10/2/06), at the Mariamman Temple, devotees adorn the statue of Lord Subramaniam with precious stones and jewelry. then the statue and the statues of his consorts, Valli and Theivanai are placed on a chariot that will be drawn by bullocks. the chariot itself is decorated with flags, gold and silver tinsel, streamers, flowers and statues of other deities and animals. the chariot is then drawn from the temple in Jalan Bandar (somewhere near Petaling St.) to Batu Caves. devotees who join the procession often chant vel-vel. vel is a power lance that was given to Lord Subramaniam by his mother, Parvati on his birthday. upon reaching the foot of the caves, the statue is lifted and carried up the 272 steps and placed in the temple inside the caves.

the next day, thousands upon thousands of devotees and tourists show up for the procession of the kavadi. traditionally, a kavadi is a Tamil word that describes anything that can be suspended from a pole. now it has taken to mean a semi-circular structure that is decorated with flowers, peacock feathers and palm leaves. it usually bears a Vel, to represent Lord Subramaniam’s lance. a popular form of penance is to carry the kavadi. these kavadi bearers are first put into a trance before sharp skewers are thrust into their tongues through the cheeks. then hooks and spears are pierced on parts their bodies. sometimes strings are attached to the kavadi from the hooks. offerings of fruit, milk and jaggery (syrup) are placed on each kavadi and the kavadi goes on the shoulder or head of the kavadi bearer.

these kavadi bearers dance around in a frenzied trance like state. during this procession, the devotees chant vel -vel or Arohara. Aro is the shortened version of the word arogam which means blissful, and Hara is another name for Lord Siva (father to Lord Subramaniam). so Arohara means blissful Siva. devotees say it is not the size of the kavadi that matters. rather, it is the act itself and being able to carry the kavadi and offer it to Lord Subramaniam is what counts. the devotee must carry the kavadi up the steep steps, this after walking so many miles (frm petaling st. to batu caves) is another amazing feat. once in the caves, the kavadi is offered to Lord Subramaniam and the milk is poured out. this act of pouring out the milk is accompanied by the pouring out of love from the heart, thereby cleansing the devotee’s sins.

meaningful isnt it.

going oats.

wat have i heard?
"it tastes juz like porridge. and its nice to go with veggies. plus its healthy!"
"you can go slim! *winks"
"you call dat food? even my dog refuse to eat it."

why am i doing tis?
it's low in cholesterol.
could save money by not eating outside food.
i juz might get slimmer. wAt?

i have always blamed it on the genes when i explained to ppl why i can never go slim. but then again, i used to be slimmer when i was skipping lunches in the states. i started putting on weight ever since i came to kl. outside food are tend to be more oily. anybody donch agree?

Monday, February 06, 2006

doggie style it is.

introducin' shadows and, are they hot!

curi frm may's forwards:
"A woman gives birth to 6 babies. Upon seeing the babies, she gets off the bed and goes to her husband, then slaps him hard and yells, "I told you NOT to do doggie-style!!!"

wahahaha! yea, dat was the first thing i read when i got in the office tis morn! And i was late. HOw many times they wanna closed down MRR2 la? Drive all the traffics to Jln Kuching and makes it even more congested evry morn. Plus, it's a monday. ANd the first working day after the long cny break for most of us. If only may allows cursing during tis period. me blog shud hav been very colorful. grrr like a dog.

cny was great. seeing everybody again was great. its the time when you get to see how much everyone has changed. but their sense of humour stays and in fact, gets even better? i can see that they're wiser in placing bets too..haha man, i miss hanging out and listening to my old schoolmates' crappy nonsense already. their amusing jokes totally cracks me up all the time. but with andrea leaving to aussie tis coming valentine's is not so great. and must it b a weekday and at 9pm. dats a bit tough for my schedule. ehh, wat's with everybody going overseas wey? are u guys coming bck for good? pls do =(

me angpow money is 3 bucks less than last year. dats not so great. which one of u still owes me a red packet? izit u? yes, you. its still not too late. today is only chor 9. bring come bring come.

i lost 2kg last week. i was so happy i sms-ed szepei dat morn.

i actually smiled when i got on the ktm tis morn. kill me. i used to dread taking the train especially the old ones cuz the cushions are very filthy and smell like one kind. and i was actually okay and didn't feel uneasy when i had to take the antique mini bus instead of the air-conditioned ones. my hair was blown all over my face. my vision was blocked. but i still have that plastered smile on my face. i tot i must be nuts. felt like i juz came down frm heaven. i see everything as beautiful and pleasant. i even giggled even when i wasn't supposed to. but i juz see everything beautiful today. is dat not allowed? so dun call me nuts.

y me blog so lonely and cold dy nowadays. where's everybody?