Monday, September 18, 2006

mini me.

okays.. first of all, i was forced to put up these scariee pictures of me. i'm sorrie if halloween isn't here yet. but i was forced to look at tk's and juls' baby photos last week and i was threatened repeatedly to show mine as well =P ahhahha i scanned these while i was back home yesterday. so lets start from when i was 1 year-old.. all these were taken back in 1984!! just skip if it gets too obscene..

Monday, September 11, 2006

speaking of the devil.

I read this in Cleo today (sept issue). And this is what they have to say about Ms Virgo this month. Of course, I always have my say. So, ready or not, here goes:

Cleo says:
You are --> You and your sense of style are cool, calm and collected. As you treat your body like a temple, you usually look drop-dead gorgeous. Your strong ethics and organizational skills bring success and acclaim, and as a friend you’re giving and soothing.

ChristinE says:
Reaaaally.. I couldn’t stop laughing at first! I think my style is safe, simple and comfortable. And of course I treat my body like a temple. Just blardy look at my size! I will never starve myself. I love indulging in good food. And look what i've gotten myself into!! haha I bumped into someone I have not met in 4 years yesterday; and he commented that I have gotten very fat over the years! Gee, I couldn’t have felt better. (sob!!!) Well, at least I have not gotten so fat till I am not recognizable. Gosh, people can be so harsh nowadays.. wahahaha!!! Oh, I am organized alright. And I am learning to be a more giving person. I know I am not.

Cleo says:
You are wonderful because --> You love to help out, have a practical approach and intuitively avoid dramas. Being the virgin maiden, simple pleasures make you happy but they still have to be the best. You’re easy-going but when things are important, you will vice your opinions.

ChristinE says:
I would love to help out without getting into trouble. But how is that possible? Haha! I absolutely hate dramas though. I am a simple person, I love simple pleasures; nothing to do with being the virgin maiden *roll eyes* Yes, I can live with anything, or at least, I will try. I only voice out when I absolutely have to.

Cleo says:
You’re impossible because --> As everything has to be super-clean and fresh, you can be a fussy eater and will complain if there’s the slightest thing wrong! Something out of place can have you in frenzy, criticism comes easily and you often think you’re the most perfect person there is.

ChristinE says:
I know I can never be perfect.

Cleo says:
Love match --> He needs to be a gentleman with good manners while knowing how to be a real man! A sweet smell and crisp white shirt will melt your heart faster than a grimy tee will turn it to stone. He needs to enjoy quiet times as much as partying and have his life together.

ChristinE says:
This is interesting. Baby, are you taking note? haha!!

I have always read all these horoscopes in magazines and in the papers for fun. But I never take them seriously. I believe I shape my own life.. haha! Now, don’t tell me you do believe in every single word and worship it! You will have a miserable life aitelyou..

love at first bag.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


wow!!! it’s been ancient years since i last blogged! lb has been scolding dy.. *broken promises* wor.. sob sob =( i hope you guys miss me..haha okay okay.. i dun exactly wanna know the truth now. truths are often not pretty..haha! i know i suck at writing.. *stealing glances at juls* =P

so, what exactly has happened since the i-love-singapore trip? OoOOOoo.. a lot. reaAlly. apart from recovering from a burnt hole in my wallet (i shall post what i bought in spore =P), i’ve attended two convos in two weeks straight (notice the hole is even biGGer now!). i have never bought so many flowers in my whole life. but heck, its for my very own sister, my cousin brother, and my mmu dearies. happy graduation folks!!! its time to kick asses out there in the workin' world!!

this year’s mmu convo is a blast cuz it was held at the newly built convocation hall in cyberjaya. dammit, mine was held in malacca in a rented dewan seri negeri or something. the place was waaaaay smaller and there were hardly any shades for families to sit and wait. come to think of it, i think i've stayed around longer for my friends’ convo rather than my own. i still remember how unbearably hot the weather was, i was totally soaked with sweat. i guess the same goes for everybody in robes huh? yea, you try that under the blaring hot sun with a long sleeved shirt and long black pants underneath. not forgetting i was running around with two bouquets in my arms and a digital camera, looking for my mates to take pictures! i couldnt feel my hands after! i wanna graduate in winter somewhere out of malaysia next time can? haha well, i guess my point is….. i hav such great feelings to be done and out of mmu now! muahahhaahahha *continuous evil laughs*

and then... there was this ex-xmers reunion in honor of hazim’s ‘farewell’ party. dude, you’ve had too many farewells doncha think? muahahhaha i guess i’ve surprised many by turning up with a date at tsb (telanjang street bistro) last week. yesss.. i have been dating. but i aint telling nothing here.. muahaha!! spoiler huh? noE. the truth is, i’ve been pretty disappointed by the rumors that some meanies are spreading. i mean, do you really have a problem with me dating? i don’t even care about what you think. keep your opinions to yourself. who do you think you are to say anything about my personal life anyway? just do me a favor and stop harassing us. you suck. get a life yourself and be gone! (*note to self: there really are such meanies in this wonderful world. unbelievable.)

on september 3rd, 2006, i had the most incredible 23rd birthday ever! thankyou dear, for the awesome dinner at kampachi, the soft toy, the personalized card, and the amazing bouquet!! what can i say about you? you totally got me speechless. i am very touched by all your efforts. love you heaps!

and to all my darlings out there, thankyou for your warm wishes, dinners and the big fat hugs. you know who you are.. you guys rock my world!! muaakss!! where’s my autographed kangta & vanness cd now babe??? *spotting an unidentified object flying all the way frm cheras now* muahahhahah.. cheers everyone!

many hugs and kisses.