Tuesday, May 23, 2006

black party.

"hey woman, make sure u dress up ahh! my heels is killing me and i look absolutely ridiculous in my underground society outfit. and i dun have a watch today!"

"erm..i’m not goin for the presso today. i have a backache and cant wear heels. you guys have fun!"

"i hope you’re kidding.."

(around 30mins later, juls picked me up. she was wearing all black formal attire as promised)

"wahahahha! you shudn't have lied to me mar! made me so grumpy in the train. trust me, i was sulking all the way!"

"i knoe la when u sms-ed me that time..i just have to play a trick at you! eh, but the backache is real la"

*giving me one kind look*

so for the rest of the day, juls keep 'ooooohh-ing' and 'aaaahhh-ing'. until some point, it was kinda disturbing. and we had to serve her majesty, cuz she cant even bend like..15 degrees. well, i kinda knoe how it feels like, as it happened to me before. i once woke up with a sharp pain on my right leg. and don’t ask me how i’d end up straining my leg while i was sleeping. i didn't do anything =P and dats the saddest part..ahahha

after lots of constant staring and questioning looks from the rest of the office folks, i simply smiled and explained that we’re going for a war..hehe =P okay la, i knoe you guys are not used to seeing me all dressed up like this. hey, must gimme credits okay! i feel so darn uncomfortable! wasn’t it written all over my face?

so..don’t we look like we're goin for a guinness party? hahahah trust me, we’re most comfortable in just t-shirts and jeans.

hey..i've got to say the highlight of the day was wearing a 1945 omega classic. wahahhaha..thanks tk darlingz! *evil smile* but dem pressure la..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

our oxflord dictionary.

after almost 2 weeks of leaving da office at god forsaken hours in da morn..we've kinda speaking in our own language. here are some best examples..

1. what you say when you see a helicopter in the morning before you've had coffee (also refer to helicopter)
eg. I saw a hairy-cock-ster flying over the airstrip.

1. a word mistake you hope people will never hear (also refer to airplane)
eg. I once flew an airprane.

1. a new web technology to evade pop-up blockers (also refer to alt-F4)
eg. Eh, this one do pok-kup, ar?

1. spastic verbal constipation (also refer to participation)
eg. We are to do this to encourage spasticipation right?

1. super festive (also refer to festive)
eg. So, the spestive banner how, ah?

1. what May likes to do (also refer to May)
eg. Ok, so it can be something like, "tasteitwhenitcomes"?

1. a ticket that you can find on ahmoi that allows for entry to the casino.
(also refer to Genting/casino/batik/coupon)
eg. Once they sign up, we'll forward them a kewpon, right?

1. the way you speak after you come back from Michigan (also refer to slang)
eg. I don't have a fucking Michigan sang!

1. what you say when you're too excited over crab (also refer to seafood/crab)
eg. At these times, we should really go for seawood!

1. what you get when confronted with a foreign web technology (also refer to facado)
eg. Eh, can please explain to me about that fuck-a-doe design again?

1. Nik's speciality (also refer to bow)
eg. You just bowl to the japs..that's all!

1. wat you say when you've got a serious back pain (also refer to goodness)
eg. Oh foodness!

key contributers to our dictionary are:

platinum medal - ChristinE
(hurray! for pok-kup, spasticipation, sang, seawood, fuck-a-doe)

gold medal - Juls
(hurray! for airprane, foodness)

silver medal -
(hurray! for hairy-cock-ster)
(hurray! for tasteitwhenitcomes)
(hurray! for spestive)
(hurray! for bowl)

bronze medal - tobefilled by Kelgan (we're waiting!)

watch out for more additions to our Oxflord Dictionary, coming to you soon!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i am me (me).

and tis shall conclude my brainstorming sessions today.. my brain is cracking! hehe =P

I AM a cranky bitch when i'm sleepy.

I JUST NOW slapped juls on the forehead.

I SAID too much sometimes.

I WANT to go on a holiday..like NOW!

I WISH i dun swear so often.

I HATE the smelly ktm seats.

I MISS you so much, you don't knoe.

I FEAR my loved ones leaving me too early.

I HEAR shakira on my poddy.

I WONDER if you feel the same hon.

I REGRET for always not saving enough.

I AM NOT as brave as you might think i am.

I SING to nobody.

I CRY very easily.

I AM NOT ALWAYS so nice.

I MADE my first batch of cookies 4 months ago.

I WRITE when i need to vent.

I CONFUSE if you don't tell.

I NEED all of you wonderful people in my life.

I SHOULD really hit the gym.

I START each day at 6am. (totally against my will)

I FINISH this crap now and i'm goin home baybeh!

I TAG earthkid, deriku and drop it like itz hot. haha! have fun!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

happie burrrthday ahmay!

big hugz to you birthday gurl!!

orgy makan session =))

stinky bitch with shiny hair.

woke up tis morn to find the tap running dry. wtf?? not on a monday! (cursing silently)

i have never brush my teeth with so minimal water. even tried to squeeze less toothpaste hoping that i would use less water. gosh i feel so dirty already. as i squat on the toilet floor and brushed my teeth grumpily, i realized that the last time i took my bath was exactly 20 hours ago. hah..perfect..i’m a stinky bitch with no water to bathe.

after pacing back and forth around the house and deciding for about 15mins, i knew i couldn’t go to work in such a state. i checked my hair again. nope, no matter how i try to fix it with my fingers, its still sticking to my head. i can juz imagine juls pointing at my shiny hair already. and tk warning me not to lean on his car seat. or kelv asking me from a far whether i washed my hair this morning =((

picked up my phone thought of messaging juls and tk saying dat i’ll work from home today. but dun think those lucky brats are up til 8am. they might juz kill me if i message them at 6:30am..haha fine, i’d set my alarm to 8am as a reminder in case i fell back to sleep. i dun want juls to be waiting to pick me up.

6.45am. desperately trying to get back to sleep for a while more. but instead found myself staring at the ceiling for more than half an hour. went back downstairs to check if the water is back. no such luck. my aunt asked me before she goes to work, whether i’m sure dat i wanna work from home. i checked my hair again. i told her yes, i’m very sure.

at about 9am, i start working. good thing i brought back work last friday. still need to key in my working hours when i get back to office tomorrow. gosh..my laptop works so much faster than the one at the office! tis is so great! haha..but only if i could sit around comfortably without scratching my head or feeling itchy all over. so not used to the fact dat i haven’t took my morning bath..arggh kept me going back and forth to check on the tap.

by 12.25pm, still no sight of a drip of water. i knew i couldn’t get back to the office for the rest of the day. i’m just gonna stay in and stink the house. sounds good eh. its lunchtime now, but how to cook maggie leh? perhaps i can use the drinking water from the fridge? can work la..hahah

alrite now..dun think i should share with you how i tried to survive for the rest of the day. i might just leave you with many disturbing thoughts.

oughta go check on my hair now =D

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

freaky family.

a fond tribute to caryn's most famous typewriter phone..

so you'll still be around to have yummy lunches wif us eh, caryn jie jie?

*desperately trying to sound enthusiastic*
i take dat as a biG yEs then! haha =)

*secretly wiping tears*