Tuesday, June 27, 2006


this morn i woke up and saw the last thing i wanted to see.. there are scratches on my phone!! yessss...not 1 tiny scratch u knoe..its 2 blardy long stretch sumore!!

how could that happened? the phone cover was still shiny whiny when i left it on top of the counter to charge overnight. was it the lizard? or was it mosquito that did it?

somebody get me a blue ipod socks before i go insane =((

i'm traumatised.. in serious need of hugz..

Monday, June 26, 2006

the legend of puteri kipas & her dayang with no name.

it was 5am on a monday and we were cruising (ahem, when tk's driving? no way! =P)through the highway. the roads were pretty much empty except for some occasional cars that we passed by. and we thought we were the odd ones.. hah! where in the world are these people heading to at this god forsaken hour?

so where were we heading again? kampung baru’s nasi lemak of course! we were so hungry we could have eaten a horse each okays! working til late at nitez really burns a lot of calories apparently. i think all of you guys should really try it and keep it as a habit.. haha =P but don’t point your golden finger at me la if you’re putting on weight. it was obviously your tummy that betrayed you..muahhahah

anyways, during the 15mins (record breakin’ huh?) car ride to the city, each and every one of us were doing our own thang. tk was busy stepping on the pedal harder and harder, kelv was in his usual pose and staring into space, while me and juls were both sitting back, looking at the stars dreamily. we were all extremely tired and so, to keep us from falling asleep, juls and i started to crap. and believe me, any conversation that takes place between 4-6am are all complete crap! and it doesn’t matter who said it too..

C: "you know guys, at this rate, we’d all be turning into angels by friday.. don’t you think"

J: "i wanna be an angel!"

C: "alritez..alritez..let's everybody pick a name! which saint do you wanna be T? do you like joseph or jeremiah?"

T: "i wanna be xi mm hong!"

J: "what’s a xi mm hong?"

C & T: "duh~ monkey god la!"

J: *silent*

C: "so K, do you wanna be na-zha (red shoe boy)? i wanna be tit sin kung ju (fan princess)”

no response from K, as he's still in his own world.

J: "me leh? me leh? what am i gonna be?"

C: "erm..there’s ngau mo wong (bull demon) if you want. but, ngau mo wong have to marry tit sin kung ju wor"

J: "dun wannn.. i wanna be a girl!"

C: "errr.. then arr.. dunno la.. frankly speaking, i don’t know too many names. i only know these few from watching tvb dramas. ask K to think of one for you la"

J turned to K with hopeful looks, but K still gave no response.

C: "you know what.. if you dun mind, you can be those dayang (servant to the royalties) with no name! you knoe, those kind that always stand or follow behind the main characters one? you can be my dayang!"


i think our conversation pretty much end there, as juls keep on protesting for the rest of the morning that she didn’t wanna be the dayang with no name.

when we reached kampung baru, it only took us around 15-20mins (another guinness record or what?) to get the food and drinks, sit down and eat while watching the last few seconds of football. and of course, the sambal is fantastic!.. as usual =)

by the time we sent kelvin home, it was closed to 5.45am. on normal days, it was actually almost time for me to get out of bed and get ready to work. thank God tk said we could come in at noon. otherwise, i would have died just dere. but you know what thing that surprised me the most was? gosh.. we actually saw quite a few people already waiting at the bus stops! and i thought i’m the unfortunate one to have to get up so early every morning!! well, don’t think i’ll ever be so reluctant to get up in the mornings anymore..

Friday, June 16, 2006

hello moto.

bought motorola v3i four days ago.. freakin' hotz!!

wasn't easy saying goodbye to my faithful old phone (also a motorola) which has been with me through thick and thin (haha.. too much!) for the past four years. hey, it has survived many many hard falls!.. accidentally la of course! i'm not some freak who always throw my phone around..come on!

i have been so excited with things that i can do with my v3i. i bought the original set, which has iTunes. buuuut...ahhhhh...aint gonna waste the space on my 512gb memory card to play mp3s. i've got my paperweight poddy =) when i first got my phone, i was so irritated by the salesperson when he loaded my entire (yes, filled up all 500gb) of junkie low-quality videos and lousy pictures. i wanted to kill him when i found out that my phone was loaded with stuffz i didn't even want..arghh!

the second best thing bout the phone is the speaker function which i can use when i make or receive a call. it's great when i'm driving! yes, yes, many other phones have this feature since ancient years ago..but hey, i find that fascinating okays! its nEW to me! my old phone doesnt have that feature =P

and hey, now i can take pics and short vids wherever i go without carrying a digital camera with me all the time! how convenient, isn't it? i can make do with a 1.23megapixel camera with 8x zoom for a daily use basis. in fact, i can now start posting pics on the many interesting stuffz i see everyday.. like the ancient ktm station that i wait at every morn..i swear, that place seems to have not left its era since the 1960s.

thankGod this one doesn't make a sound (my old phone does) when there is no reception.. woohoo~ ain't no walkie talkie no more! disappointed eh guys? *grins*


june 6th, 2006 is a special day. it marks my one-year anniversary working in this company. my first job as a professional. prouder than ever =) love the fact that i am earning and spending my own money..which totally screams freedom!! woohoo~ =P

i still remember the first day i came in, the only familiar faces i saw were teekay, kelv, may and waihing. i knew them from my internship company a year before. i was told by my mates that i should be happy and comfortable as i'll be working with people that i know. well yea, i guess that's an advantage. at least, i ain't no lone ranger in here.

jules is my bestest friend in the office. we share many joy, laughters, madness, screaming, butt kickings, crankiness, rubbing, slapping, names calling, mean tricks, fake smiles, and a teeny weeny bit of tears. you name it, we've been through it all. i love you bitch.

teekay is a great friend. (foodness, i can't believe i'm saying this.. hehe) i mean, of course i respect him nevertheless as a boss. but it's not everyday that you can find such a great and understanding person to guide you with project assignments. being a freshie for the past year was challenging yet exciting at the same time. but he has never failed to help me whenever i'm stuck with ideas or when i'm experiencing some brain dead moments. thankyou so much for having faith in me. and also, for getting me home safe at wee hours in the morning ;)

kelv is the most patient fella i've ever known. never seen him losing his temper even if the day turn out to be ridiculous. i totally respect his ability to be able to come up with brilliant designs in ultimately tight deadlines. pass on all your great skills and knowledge to me yea ;) *rub rub*

littlemissmay is the calm and sensible one among all of us. we can always count on her. i mean, she's may! she's our may!! i love you for always breaking up the fights and telling them to play nice, saving me from being bullied! hehe..looks like you're always there to calm us crazy people!.. haha woman, love you heaps!!

looking forward to more fantastic monkey moments people! *group hugz* NOE, not the will&grace kind!

Monday, June 05, 2006

eleven hours.

imagine spending that amount of time at bukit bintang on a sunday..

no biggie! i did just that =)hehe

but whyyy you may ask? am i nuts or wat? well, i promised to meet up with amee her majesty. had lunch and caught a movie with her. was kinda out of excuses to turn down her invitations already..hehe *looks upward* sorry babe! i had to work la! you knoe i love you *muaaacks!* i went for another movie later in the day with my younger sis and my cousin. so basically, i reached times square at about 10am and left at 930pm. i couldnt even feel my legs when i reached home. could have just slept there at the mall right? but then, i rather use the money to shop la =P haha

well, the fact is, my entire weekend was really good. no, lemme rephrase that. it was pretty dem good! i've never felt so relaxing for months! i've watched five movies in two days. how's dat? hehe how i wish i can do that every so often..haha! that would be super cool. but my savings will be gone faster also la..now that is sumthing i should not be encouraging myself eh.

so proud of myself for successfully refraining myself from buying any clothes tis weekend. even my aunt lifted her eyebrow. i ooooonnnly added 5 new books to my collection of favourite reads..sooooo that makes it about 10 or more books i still havent read at home...hehe! i'm outta here.