Sunday, November 12, 2006

overwhelm with eastern promise.

exactly wat comes to your mind if you see me holding a book like tis? u dun have to lie now. naturally, the first thing u'd ask me is, "chris, are you reading a porn?" i wouldnt blame you, as i've gotten such remarks so many times while i was reading it. even my younger sister gave me a sheepish smile look when she spot me reading the book. and i wont forget to mention about the amount of stare i get in lrt. men and women gave me a judgemental look while thinking whether i was out of my mind holding up a porn like that in the broad daylight. well, i'm reading such an interesting cultural book mind you! now stop being envious of me for having the ability to choose such a great read! wahahha.. *evil laughs*

let me share with you the synopsis of 'sputnik sweetheart' by haruki murakami here:
twenty-two year old sumire is in love with a woman seventeen years her senior. but whereas miu is glamorous and successful, sumire is an aspiring writer who dresses in an oversized second-hand coat and heavy boots like a character in a kerouac novel.

surprised that she might, after all, be a lesbian, sumire spends hours on the phone talking to her best friend k about the big questions in life: what is sexual desire and should she ever tell miu how she feels about her.

frustrated in his own love for sumire, k consoles himself by having an affair with the mother of one of his pupils. then a desperate miu calls from a small greek island and asks for his help, and he discovers that something very strange has happened to sumire.

i have long heard of murakami's books from karen. and i was delighted when borders was having a promotion on titles by the eastern authors. which means, more books, books, and books to add to my collections!! have you read any by wei hui? the author of 'shanghai baby' and 'marrying buddha'? those are very interesting reads as well. 'shanghai baby' was reportedly banned and burned in china due to its controversial portrayal of wei hui's generation of urban women, born in the 1970s, as they search for moral grounding in a country of shifting values. interesting, doncha think? read that, and then follow up by 'marrying buddha'. i guarantee you, these books are a real eye opener. i am used to reading a lot of chick lits and autobiography, eastern titles are now adding to my list of interests as well.

i am sharing more books by the eastern promise:vintage book collection that has been released recently here. do check 'em out. i have bought norwegian wood by haruki murakami, autobiography of a geisha by sayo masuda, the sailor who fell from grace with the sea by yukio mishima, and waiting by ha jin.

*surrounded by books* now will you excuse me, i still have more than 20 new titles stack up on my book shelves waiting for me.. i have lost count.

loosen up my buttons.

i'm tellin' you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)
but you keep frontin' (uh)
sayin' what you gon' do to me (uh huh)
but i ain't seen nothin' (uh)

tis one is for LB *muaccks!*

i think i lost count of how many i have, but believe me, this red knapsack i used to carry is full of 'em!!! got square ones, round ones, hugE ones.. some are gifts, some i bought myself over the years.. i still think they're real cooolz!!!

everyone, show us ur buttons!!

wackos hall of fame.

i need autographs!

RED alert!

okAy.. i admit, this may not be the most original and fresh entry as LB has started this tag with this COLOR. buuuuut, i wanna do RED!! *pout first to add hor leen factor*

so here it is! the new-style tagging originated from L B; tagged by littlemissmay centuries ago, on six mindless but colour-coordinated pictures..

1. one of my favorite threadless T, 'in case of emergency, break dance'
2. mr.p (the mini) hiding in my room, i have another bigger one lying on top of my office's monitor
3. a bouquet with love
4. my first crumpler, 'the western lawn' bought in singapore
5. the voodoo doll and his partner-in-crime, veggie monster
6. my mainichi organiser from kinokuniya

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

wednesday blues.

my comfy bed. my fluffy pillows. my dusty toys. my novels. my magazines. my crowded desk. my art. my CDs. my photo albums. my heart. my soul. my everything.

i always always have this weird longing of hiding in my room everytime i’m home every fortnight. its not dat i have a very beautiful room to boast about or watever. but i love my space. and i can lock myself in forever.

it feels good to be alone (tho i’d get out of my hiding hole occasionally n kacau my parents, siblings and the fishes), and have the time to sort out my plans, read for the longest time on my bed, watch endless dvds on my faithful laptop, and blast the same music tune over n over again without anybody poking out of annoyance from behind.

damn.. its been so long since i last had the chance to blog in da office. now, hush.. i aint supposed to be seEN doin tis!

hmm.. *scanning around the room* its actually not hard pretending to be concentrating intensely at work huh? my brilliant tips for all: 1. try to stick ur face as close as possible to the monitor 2. perfect the look with a huge dose of face expression; like for example, narrowing ur eyebrows a lil’ bit or biting ur lips in frustration every so often. and, if you think all these doesnt still complete workin-ur-arse-off look, make sure you 3. slam your poor helpless mouse hard on ur desk a few times until sumone is staring at you disapprovingly. *4. repeat steps 1-3

*step 4 is strictly for attention-craving individuals only.

nahh.. i’m juz kidding. i’m sure all of you dun need such pathetic tips like these.. you are all a real pro at it!

GOSH.. i’m goin bonkers. I NEED A TIME-OUT!